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[IMG]Anne Darwin 1849.jpg27-Dec-2007 20:26 791K 
[IMG]Anne Darwin 1849.psd27-Dec-2007 20:28 6.1M 
[   ]Children of Charles and Emma Darwin.doc27-Dec-2007 20:31 8.4M 
[IMG]Elizabeth Darwin (Browne).jpg27-Dec-2007 20:31 434K 
[IMG]Elizabeth Darwin (Browne).psd27-Dec-2007 20:32 5.2M 
[IMG]Elizabeth Darwin.jpg27-Dec-2007 20:34 65K 
[IMG]Elizabeth Darwin.psd27-Dec-2007 20:34 815K 
[IMG]Elizabeth Darwin mid-1850s.jpg27-Dec-2007 20:33 456K 
[IMG]Elizabeth Darwin mid-1850s.psd27-Dec-2007 20:34 4.4M 
[IMG]Emma and Charles Waring 1857.jpg27-Dec-2007 20:35 1.8M 
[IMG]Emma and Charles Waring 1857.psd27-Dec-2007 20:41 19M 
[IMG]Emma and Leonard Darwin 1854.jpg27-Dec-2007 20:41 761K 
[IMG]Emma and Leonard Darwin 1854.psd27-Dec-2007 20:44 6.3M 
[IMG]Front Entry 'The Mount' House.psd27-Dec-2007 20:46 8.5M 
[IMG]George Darwin 1851.jpg27-Dec-2007 20:47 552K 
[IMG]George Darwin 1851.psd27-Dec-2007 20:48 4.6M 
[IMG]George Howard Darwin.jpg27-Dec-2007 20:48 12K 
[IMG]Henrietta Darwin (Browne).jpg27-Dec-2007 20:49 655K 
[IMG]Henrietta Darwin (Browne).psd27-Dec-2007 20:52 8.9M 
[IMG]Henrietta Darwin 1849.jpg27-Dec-2007 20:52 786K 
[IMG]Henrietta Darwin 1849.psd27-Dec-2007 20:54 6.0M 
[IMG]Henrietta Darwin 1851.jpg27-Dec-2007 20:54 790K 
[IMG]Henrietta Darwin 1851.psd27-Dec-2007 20:58 10M 
[IMG]Henrietta Emma (Etty) Darwin.jpg27-Dec-2007 20:58 90K 
[IMG]Henrietta Emma (Etty) Darwin.psd27-Dec-2007 20:58 891K 
[IMG]Henrietta and William Erasmus Darwin.jpg27-Dec-2007 20:48 155K 
[IMG]Henrietta and William Erasmus Darwin.psd27-Dec-2007 20:49 1.7M 
[IMG]Leoonard Darwin.jpg27-Dec-2007 20:58 111K 
[IMG]Leoonard Darwin.psd27-Dec-2007 20:58 1.1M 
[IMG]Placque on the entrance of The Mount'.psd27-Dec-2007 21:02 11M 
[IMG]Right end of The Mount House.psd27-Dec-2007 21:06 10M 
[IMG]Sir Francis Darwin.jpg27-Dec-2007 21:06 102K 
[IMG]Sir Francis Darwin.psd27-Dec-2007 21:06 1.0M 
[IMG]Sir George Howard Darwin.jpg27-Dec-2007 21:06 123K 
[IMG]Sir George Howard Darwin.psd27-Dec-2007 21:06 1.1M 
[IMG]Sir Horace Darwin.jpg27-Dec-2007 21:06 93K 
[IMG]Sir Horace Darwin.psd27-Dec-2007 21:07 1.2M 
[IMG]William Darwin 1849.jpg27-Dec-2007 21:07 753K 
[IMG]William Darwin 1849.psd27-Dec-2007 21:09 6.1M 
[IMG]William Erasmus Darwin.jpg27-Dec-2007 21:09 84K 
[IMG]William Erasmus Darwin.psd27-Dec-2007 21:09 913K 

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